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“Paula Art” is a studio of modern painting, where aesthetics, style and inspiration are born.

The studio’s works adorn the Federation Tower in Moscow City, Academy V.Sarbashev in Moscow, restaurants, business centers, and more than 250 apartments and country houses throughout Russia.

A lot of work and love for their work is invested in each picture. Therefore, painting by “Paula Art” not only transforms the interior, but also adds harmony, creates a cozy atmosphere.

Cost: varies between 15,000-30,000rubles and depends on the plot and the size of the canvas.


  • Visualization: virtual fitting of paintings in the interior is very convenient. According to the photo, you can make a selection of different options and understand which plot will look better in your interior. The visualization service is completely free.
  • Baguette: all canvases are stretched on wooden stretchers in a gallery way. The edges of the paintings are painted over. Additionally, the picture can be decorated in a modern baguette. The choice of baguettes is diverse and is selected individually for each picture.
  • Delivery: the painting studio is located in St. Petersburg. Delivery to other cities is carried out by courier services. All paintings are carefully and securely packed before shipment.